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3D Mouse support

How about adding 3D mouse capability:
James Knighten


we’ve got 3D mouse support in our product development backlog, so this will be available in the future. This was asked for by several users (e.g. also by @johnstockton in this thread Support for 3D Mice as input device) but then again not by so many that it’s considered a high-prio feature compared to some other simulation capabilities. What would you say? Is it a crucial feature for your work or rather a nice-to-have one?



I’m finding I am able to use the 2D mouse driven manipulation of the figures acceptably. The 3D mouse does help to be able to accelerate the navigation since one can manipulate the part with the 3D mouse and select faces with the 2D mouse. Eventually, I think it will become a necessity, but for now there are other FEA Thermal and electrical simulation capabilities that I would rank as higher priorities.

@johnstockton - agreed! Even though there are more urgent sim features, a lot of designers/engineers are simply used to their 3D mouse, so we should not wait too long to support them! I’ll keep you posted!

I also use the Connexion Pilot-Pro 3D mouse. I find that now when I don’t have it, I find my left hand automatically reaching for it. It is an incredibly useful device when access to 3D surfaces is required. The ability to automatically zoom in and out, while rotating or translating helps to keep the flow moving without unnecessary navigation commands. Sorry if this sounds like an promo piece for the 3D mouse, but it has changed how I do my design work. Patiently waiting for this functionality!

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:slight_smile: - good one!

I’ll reopen the discussion in our product management team if we can move this forward in the backlog. I’ll keep you posted!



Hi, I can’t find anywhere suggesting whether this feature request was ever completed? I really love using a spacemouse and find that it makes my workflow much more streamlined, and while it doesn’t stop me from using SimScale it would massively benefit me to have the capability to use a spacemouse.


Thanks for letting us know @LADransfield!

I will ask about that and see if there’s anything planned for the near future :slight_smile: