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2nd Manner in which Feature Refinement not working as expected

Lets assume that I actually wanted all the edges in my geometry refined by Feature Refinement (sort of like a Surface Refinement, which I also THINK behaves as I am about to show).

Here I am showing the model geometry with a highlighted surface on it (note the clean curved edges):

Here is mesh with a Feature Refinement set at an included angle such that it would refine all edges in my geometry (note the appearance of NOT clean edges anymore):

What I expected was to maintain my clean looking edges in the mesh. I do not think there is any reason that the algorithm could not maintain the look of those curved geometry edges by making my geometry’s clean curved line into a bunch of little mesh face edges whose endpoints of one edge of each face are ON the curved line. This would result in a smooth looking edge in the mesh, not the jagged mesh edge that we see.

Does anyone else want it to appear to have clean geometry edges left in their mesh?

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