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200 or 3000 core-hours per year?

On the dashboard it shows that I have a limit of 200 core-hours for the professional plan. While in the “my plan” page it shows that I have a limit of 3000 core-hours per year. I’ve been working under the assumption that the latter is correct and thus exceeded the 200 core-hour limit by 6 hours. Is the 200 core hours the maximum for a shorter unspecified time interval that I don’t know of?. If yes, then is it possible to deduct 6 hours from the next iteration of time intervals for this one so that I can view my results?


Hi @NuclearPotato (cool name btw ;)) and thanks for reaching out to us!

Tagging @AnnaFless here as she knows much more about plans than I do. But I would like to offer you some of my core hours to run your simulations if you like.

Just contact me privately.

Cheers and all the best,


Hi @NuclearPotato,
I think you have chosen the “professional trial”, which offers the professional plans features for two weeks on a reduced core hour quota (200) - basically for evaluation purposes. If you need more core hours for evaluation purposes, you can contact or you can navigate to the “Manage account” in your profile settings and navigate to “my plan”, there you can directly upgrade to the actual professional plan.


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Thanks for the reply. If I switch to the community plan would that reset the annual core hour limit to 3000?

you would be granted with the 3000 core-hours for public projects, but this would mean that you can not further work on private projects.