Step-by-Step Tutorial: Session 1


HI @radenpm9,

I just had a look at your project - looks fine to me. So I guess it was the post-processing: You need to switch to the last time step and then rescale the color bar to see the von mises gradient properly.

Hope that helps!




Hi @dheiny
thank you very much for your advice.

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Hi @Fields,
The situation should now be improved for corporate networks. Would you please try again and let us know what the result is?


Looks great now


@Fields, glad we could help!


Great Tutorial! Everything worked out perfectly. :slight_smile:


Nice to see the results @aceci! :smile:


Hi Simscale, even though the simulation was finished, I didn´t get “Convergence plots” in the menu of simulation runs.

… and also menu on the left didn´t show the “Solution fields” in the Post Processor .

Should I delete it and start again this simulation (I did it twice)? Besides, I had an error which was reported before. I have been trying to finish these simulations since the last days without any results. It took so much time waiting for the simulation, I had to log out. Sorry, but the connection here is not so good and very slow with interruptions as well.

Thanks for your time,


Hi @Alexor,

make sure you share your project link if you have problems so that the support does not need to ask for it in a seperate post/answer therefore an occurrence of delay in solving your problem(s).

Also make sure you have just one workbench open at a time to prevent problems.


Thanks a lot jousefm !! for your prompt answer and help. I forgot to share my project link and I´m doing right now.

Thanks amigo


Good evening @Alexor,

just took a quick look at it.

You did not mesh:

• mesh solid_0_face_3
•mesh solid_0_face_87
•mesh solid_0_face_88
• mesh solid_0_face_89

But I am sure that your issue has nothing to do with the mesh since your project looked perfectly fine to me.

As you can see for me it works perfectly fine. If I did not get you please give an explanation.

Some quick tips:
• As mentioned before only one workbench at a time opened
• Clear cookies of your browser
• Sometimes refreshing the page or reopening of the project helps

If you need more help just let me know.

All for one and one for all :smiley:

Cheers mate.


Yeahh, you were right jousefm .

It is important to open and work on one workbench at a time. Something I didn´t do. The first two pictures I posted were when I made that mistake.

Later… when I shared my project link, I had already deleted my first simulation and run all of the simulations without any inconvenient.

Appreciate your help and advices mate :smiley: !!


Glad I could help you :grinning:

Never hesitate to ask. Always a pleasure to help.


@jousefm thanks for the help :smile: @Alexor glad that it worked :grinning: