Step-by-Step Tutorial: Homework of Session 3 section 2

Do you have the correct run time or did you cancel the Sim by your own?

Hey @stlugros,

@fhnx is completely right, you did not adapt the maximum runtime.

In your setup it is 3000 instead of [quote=“Akrem, post:1, topic:57219”]

as specified above.

Best Alex

And now I wanted to change my settings and rerun the simulation and this little text popped up…

I have the student none proffesional version…

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Hello everybody!.

I ran 2 simulations and now I’m running the third one. I got the same error as you, nhoppe, and I’m trying now to do it changing the values of the parameters as afuente said yesterday. I hope now it works properly!.

Meanwhile I’ve been reviewing the “Simulation Control” values in the tutorial and I found that up to yesterday Akrem was saying that the value for **“Maximum Runtime [s]” was 600000 and today (12:31 pm) it’s changed it to 50000. Is there any error on that?. Deadline is tonight and maybe I won’t be able to run a fourth simulation before it closes if the third one gives me error again…

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cant post process! 2 of my simulation were cancelled!

Hello sir! The entire day i haven’t been able to access post processor as it shows the site is under maintenance. i have submitted a screenshot to the help section of simscale of the ame. two of my simulation were canceled too but i got convergence and force plots of them . they show 100% and canceled . kindly give an extension for the hw3 .

thanks in advance

Hi @jeettrivedi,

just send the project you have as a homework. It does not need to be perfect :wink:

Comment by @bdaqui concerning the post-processing:

This workshop has proven to be very popular, and as such we have set aside a special infrastructure for participants. During peak times it may however still occur that the post-processor becomes temporarily unreachable for a number of users. This condition will usually recover after some time.

Please be aware that due to the same reasons, during high demand periods, loading of data may take longer than usual.



I have rechecked all the boundary conditions with your model but still my simulation terminates after 12 minutes> I would really appreciate if you could please guide me. Here s my project: RUN 1

Thanks !!


I’m still unable to load my post-processing. Tried it yesterday for around 4h (+ running over night), this morning for 2h and now again for 2h. I will try it later this evening again, otherwise it’s the first time I will miss the deadline and spent over 8h just to load all models an the post-processing :disappointed:.

@jousefm: Is it possible to hand in unfinished (= not post-processed) projects?

Hi @fhnx,

there should be no problem .It does not have to be perfect. If you did your mesh and set up the simulation settings I am pretty sure that it will be accepted. :slight_smile:



Hey @asoni,

no worries. As long as you have done your meshing and simulation setup your homework will be accepted.

Just send in what you already have :+1:

Cheers mate!

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Hi guys, @Milad_Mafi I noticed that the post processor stage is under maintenance now so i will submit my completed mesh and simulation that looks hopefully alright haha. i have points that converge so should be ok. just a heads up so there isnt any surprises. Thanks so far for a great Workshop and tutorials. Merry Christmas!

Hi, I have tried to load the results of the simulation for over an hour and due to the deadline I sumbitted it without the post-processing. I hope it is enough.

Kind regards

Ouuuu… I tried to make post-process, but I wasn’t able to do so. Now I see I am late for few minutes. Hope it is okey… Sorry for this… Is there any maintenance?

@jkendrick, @zplocke & @FCervenka,

should be fine :slight_smile:



I have the same problem of the post processing loading for ages. and I even used the 50000 run time