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Running OpenFoam checkMesh -writeAllFields on a SimScale .h5m or .vtu mesh file


Well, I just watched our own @Retsam, aka ‘X masteretsam’ (palindrome intended :wink: and ‘X’ for OS’s ending in ‘x’ ), get MOAB running on Ubuntu 18.04 in Win10 as I tagged along in a RocketChat channel…

He did it :slight_smile: and with a little more work I am confident that I can create a description of all the processes he did in order to make that happen.

We are working on getting my install of MOAB on Unbuntu 18.04 in Win10 working, then I will make the procedure and post it here.

He was able to convert a download of a SimScale .h5m Standard TET mesh using ‘mbconvert’ into a .vtx file (and .stl file). :rainbow::fireworks::dart::beers:

There is hope that MOAB can be built on blueCFD, but more importantly, I think the ‘next step’ of getting an v1912, where ‘checkmesh -writeallfields’ can be used, built and running on Ubuntu 18.04 in Win10 will follow soon…

I am pretty sure that the ‘next step’ will be easier than what I saw X masteretsam do over the last couple days :slight_smile:

WE DID IT but I posted the answer to a new topic.

Lots of reasons for a new topic, the main one one being that we abandoned the ‘simpler to install’ OpenFOAM .org based blueCFD in favor of the OpenFOAM .com v1912 based WIN10 WSL install of Ubuntu 18.04 :wink:

BUT, this ‘leading up to the answer’ topic is a good background for the ‘answer topic’ and also has some valuable off-topic information which probably should be pulled out of here and put into some other new topic (that is WAY down my ToDo list)…

Access extra TET or HEX Mesh Quality Parameters that can be viewed in ParaView by using 'OpenFOAM checkMesh -writeAllFields' in Ubuntu18.04 on Win10