Rear Wing - Closed Position (FS Car)


I am having trouble with my CFD simulation. I am trying to simulate the airflow around a rear wing for a student car, and the results don’t seem to be converging. I have set up the enclosure and the boundary conditions correctly to the best of my knowledge and there doesn’t seem to be any error in my CAD, so I am unsure as to what is triggering the unstable behaviour in the simulation. I tried making the mesh extremely fine but there is still no result. I am trying to find the overall lift and drag coefficients, and also the individual forces which are acting on the upper and middle blade as I am trying to implement a DRS type system by changing the angle of attack of the airfoils.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


There are a couple of issues with the setup. Briefly going over some things I noticed:

  • The velocity inlet is pointing in the wrong direction (notice the orientation cube in the bottom right corner):

  • The mesh quality metrics could definitely be better. Please find more notes and usual troubleshooting practices in this article:

  • The freestream velocity for the coefficients is also different from the inlet velocity. Learn how this will negatively affect the coefficient results here.

I will also link this nice discussion on the meshing topic, especifically for FSAE-related simulations, which you may find interesting.


Ahh thank you so much, I changed those parameters and the results are now tangible!! Much appreciated!