Pressure Outlet and gauge pressure (Incompressible flow CFD)

Hey friends…

I have a question whit the incompresible flow in the platform
If i Setup the initial condition 101325 (pa) of atm pressure…
is necessary set up in the pressure outlet in boundary condition 101325 (Pa) again? or take the initial condition like a atm pressure whit 0 pressure outlet?simscale%20question%202

thanks you, the question is because in other comercial software work outlet pressure=0 equal to gauge pressure =101325 Pa

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Hi @camilomati!

My colleague and Power User @vgon_alves has covered the topic in this post: Gauge Pressure. Tell me if that covers your question. Another post that might be of relevance here:

Please note that the pressure you set is not necessarily the atmospheric pressure! Zero inlet pressure means it is the reference pressure regardless of which absolute value it holds. If that something is still not clear feel free to ask again.