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Meshing problem

I am trying to mesh the front wing of a Formula 1 wing. But the mesh keeps on failing every time I try to generate. I need help with the settings to understand if there’s something I am doing wrong.

Hey @rnsomnath,
can you please share the link to your projekt, or copy the failure message.


edit: i found it, the post can be deleted.

Thanks Kai for jumping in here. No need to delete your post - users should be advised to post their project links along with a detailed description of the problem.



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This is the link to my project. It is also present in my dashboard. I am trying to mesh the front wing of a Formula 1 car, using the Simscale workshop video. However, when I click on generate, the meshing gets stuck at 50%, even after an hour of waiting.

It would be great if you can check my setup and try to help me out in solving the problem.


Hi @rnsomnath!

Make sure you decrease the refinement levels for the first one to min 4 max 5 and the second refinement to level 3. At the moment the refinements are set way too high that’s why it takes a long time to finish.



I want finer refinement for the second part. Shoudn’t it be higher? Also, whats the recommended mesh size for the bounding box?

Hi @rnsomnath,

Sure, but do you want to wait upwards of more than 1 hour (sometimes 3-4) for higher refinement levels? That is up to you.

The mesher has no real progress bar. It will remain “stuck” at 50% until it is complete or gives an error. So don’t read too much into it. If need be you can read into the meshing log, but again you wont tend to know whether the meshing has failed or is inadequate till it is complete.

Refer to this post.



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