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Meshing error

Recently i was trying to mesh a car for cfd. The car had a lot of overlapping surfaces and all were thickened in solidworks before importing to simscale. now it takes longer time with an error “system ran out of memory”. i dont know what to do now
I have attached the url to the project

i think the usable Ram depends on the numbers of cores, may you switch to 32 cores, and try it again ?

Greetz Kai
edit: You adjust the finess to 1, maybe its better to work with layer to refine your mesh at the critical spots.
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Hi @bit_man!

I see overlapping surfaces on the engine bonnet as well intersecting parts at different spots. You should first make sure that the geometry is clean as well as watertight to avoid any meshing issues. I would suggest that you fix your model, upload it to our platform and our PowerUsers @yosukegb4, @pfernandez and @Anware can have a look at it if you like before you waste core hours on several meshing attempts.