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Improve 3D navigation


Yes, actually that seems like it could work well. I think when you Import into OnShape there is a tick box to orientate the ‘y’ vertically. This would make it super easy, however maybe restrict the use case?



z is up in my world too!


I love how this cube has been implemented, and if only I could just right click on the face name to change the name to how I think of the geometries orientation. My airplane points in the -x direction so Right needs to become Rear etc… :slight_smile:


Interesting to see how the view navigation has already evolved. I’m very comfortable in Onshape and Inventor (like the member above who first suggested this) and slowly getting the hang of SolidWorks.

A suggestion that I would like to add is that the zoom level of the view is not easy to control. Lag while zooming with click-drag is a small issue, but an ability to save the view at a particular zoom/crop would make it much easier to navigate back to the same place when I come back later.

I am also having difficulty dealing with the switch from isometric projection in Meshing to Perspective projection in Post-Processing. Can you explain why you do that? It almost seems to be the opposite to what one would want, since post-processing frequently uses cross-sections - to which perspective is irrelevant.

The perspective view in Post also causes streamlines to appear outside the medium, which is confusing to the user. It takes some time to figure out that the streamlines are still projected in perspective, and the streamlines above and below the slice plane are being shown wherever the depth parallax puts them. It becomes a mess if the 3D model has much depth out of the plane of the slice being viewed.

Is it possible to provide a button to change between Perspective/Isometric projection?


AFAIK, Simscale miss a Y-Up transformation, which is necessary when importing models.
Would be nice to have a toggle button to switch back and forth from Z-Up and Y-Up


Thanks a lot for your feedback @aborges!

Will forward your suggestion to our engineers :slight_smile: If you have more feedback or feature ideas that you would like to see on our platform make sure to post them in the “Vote For Features” section - we are always open for feedback and constantly improve our platform so do not be reluctant.