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Help needed to covert the passive scalar into ppm of the passive scalar


Hello community,

i am currently understanding the project from the editorial demo, here is the project link

so in the above project, there are beautiful images, for now i would like to paste one image

in the above image, pollution concentration can be seen on the legend, the explanation is as follows for the above legend (The image shown above is the dissipation of pollutants in respect to the volume of the domain.
If the value is 1 then its 100 % of the volume, if its 0.1, then its 10 % of the total volume.).

now how would i be able to convert the above scalar T1 (pollution concentration into ppm). i would request to please provide a proper procedure in terms of formula for conversion into ppm.



Hi Sam,

Please let us know if this post here helps: Need help in conversion of carbon monoxide into ppm




Hi Jousefm

i know that people will come up with this reply, but this calculation is different i believe. will you please suggest something other than this.

thanks for your time and consideration.



Hey Sam,

In the description of his project, Milad wrote “The image below shows the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. One can see how the gas is distributed within the environment”.

However, we know that exhaust gases do not consist of 100% CO2. Unless we have the real value for the CO2 source flux, it won’t be possible to convert it to ppm.

Please refer to this thread for a more detailed discussion on a similar simulation.