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Discrete phase simulations - droplets


Hi all,

I want to simulate droplet transport however I don’t have the option of discrete phase modeling. Any ideas?
Thanks for your help.



Hi Michael (@mlevant),

The analysis type is not supported anymore. You can give this feature a vote HERE to increase the priority.




Thanks! Do you have any other suggestions how to simulate droplet dynamics in microchannels?


Hi @mlevant,

as far as I know there is no possibility for that in the moment (correct me if I am wrong @afischer).

I will also give your request a vote because I noticed quite a few users would like to see this feature again.




Hello @mlevant,

did you plan on doing your simulation publicly? In that case it would be great if you could share a project link or download with your geometry and a short case description in the “Vote for features” section so that we can make sure when we integrate the feature that we cover your requirements and needs.

If not, you can still share us your project privately if you want to support the development and validation of the feature.

Best Alex


Hi @jousefm, @afischer

Can i ask why DPM is not supported anymore? I wanted to simulate the validated case “analysis of a Gas-Solid Fluidised Bed”


Hi @jgonz,

of course! The previous version of the feature allowed you to chose a lot of manual settings but we did not invest too much into automation back then. This lead to the fact that it was rather restricted to experts and also for experts not easy to use. As we saw that the feature was rarely used at all (see also Platform Update 02/2017) we decided to disable it and build it from scratch based 1) on the requests from the community and 2) the actual applications from our users. Including everybody in the development process we want to make sure we address the actual need and additionally provide a great user experience. Based on the current requests the feature is not on top of the priority list but there is already some interest for an improved version as you can see.

Best Alex


Hi @afischer,
Thanks for replying. Yes, this is the only option I have. I didn’t finish yet building the geometry, I stopped once I realised there is no option to simulate. But the idea was to monitor dynamics of droplets in sort of porous medium.


I considered important also the discrete phase simulation in Simscale.
Juan Manuel


Hi, I only interested in fluidized bed, I want to know about of sortion of Co2 in this kind of situations.


Would you mind referring to any third party tool that might handle the case? Which was the base solver you used?

Thank you,


Hi @msantonastasi!

It would be great if you could give a vote on the corresponding request for Discrete Phase modelling: Vote For Features - Discrete Phase Model

Thanks a lot!