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CAD MODEL DISSAPEAR (while making mesh)

i’m just beginner for Simscale.
i have some problem when i make mesh for my CAD model.

well. this is my whole cad model ( from NX vesion 6 )

and i want to analysis using ‘conjugate heat transfer’ so i have to make mesh
using 'hex-dominant parametric ’ and i checked for ‘create multiregion mesh’ too
and then my mesh becomes likes this

where is my half of CAD model is gone T.T
(actually i separate 4 parts for my whole cad model, but there is only one remain )
please help me…

p.s) i guess there is some problem with ’ material points’
what is exactly ‘material points’ mean ?

thanks for your help !

Hi @Reynnoldsnumber,

Yup I do think you identified the problem correctly in that the material point is causing the problem. The material point is intersecting with your geometry causing it to “disappear” so simply moving the material point and ensuring it is not intersecting with any geometry but is within the simulation domain should solve your issue.

With regards to what the material point is you can refer to my earlier post here.