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Wind field over city landscape

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Wind field over city landscape image
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This project involves meshing externally a platform of some modern design buildings, and then visualizing the behavior of the air that flows through it by simulating it, which is a common practice nowadays, performed in urban developing, architectural design, environmental planning applications and many more. For the meshing of the maquette configuration of buildings that form this urban landscape, the Hex-dominant parametric (only CFD) and 16 processors were used. A steady state incompressible flow simulation, using the k-omega Spalart Allmaras turbulence model, is executed, in order to visualize the air flow as well as the critical areas of the re-circulation. Results from the simulation, as well as flow visualization techniques are also provided from the SimScale and Paraview platforms.

architecturebuilding designincompressible flowexternal aerodynamicsurban areacityconstructionbuilding aerodynamicssimscalecontest2019windrecirculationlandscape

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