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CFD analysis of water flow through a Ball Valve

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CFD analysis of water flow through a Ball Valve image
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This project involves meshing internally a Ball Valve, and then simulating its' operation when water flows through it. A ball valve is a structure that is placed between two pipelines, connecting them through its' hollow interior by utilizing two diametrically placed holes. For this case, the floating ball has a hollow cylinder through its center, with a diameter same as the inner one of the pipelines. The Cylinder is not parallel to the pipes, and instead it is placed diagonally. A steady state incompressible flow simulation is executed to visualize the flow and its' re-circulation, as well as the critical areas of the pressure drop.

ball valvecfdincompressible flowpressure dropvalvevalve designwater flowinternal pressureinternal flowsimscalecontest2019internal flow parametersrecirculation

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