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Validation of FE model with experimental results Nonlinear high strain loading Challenge is to produce a simulation based tool for snap fit deign. With the help of research material different geometries have been prepared in Onshape and brought in here for analysis. Multiple simulation runs were evaluated to get to the converged results for straight cantilever beams (straight beam cantilever ex 1, 2). Two different cases have been evaluated for the straight cantilever beam like the shape factor analysis. The correct strain level has been achieved in both the situations but there is huge difference in extracting the force value from the simulation this needs to be further analyzed. Similarly U shaped beams (U snap ex 1 non Linear) are also simulated for which 41 percent of error is observed in displacement of end point, this could further be improvised by more different filleting options, they might be having an impact on some strains... over all the simulation is mesh independent as different meshing have been done to see if there is any huge result change, but not observed.

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