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Advanced structural analysis directly in your browser

With the latest releases, SimScale’s advanced nonlinear FEA capabilities are faster, easier, and more accessible than ever.

cloud-native simulation chassis simulation with advanced structural analysis

SimScale brings advanced structural analysis directly into product design by making high-fidelity simulation truly accessible for all engineers

simscale simscale

Snap-fit analysis with just a few clicks

Simulate clips, fasteners, and other nonlinear contact scenarios with an automated workflow incorporating FEA best practices.

simulation in a web browser simulation in a web browser

Thermomechanical shock with a 5-minute setup

Analyze transient thermal events with temperature-dependent nonlinear material properties.

advanced structural analysis advanced structural analysis

Forced vibration without the fuss

Replicate physical shaker table tests using streamlined simulation templates.

Key features

SimScale’s latest nonlinear FEA capabilities make analysis of separating contacts, large deformations, and nonlinear materials easier, more robust, faster, and hence even more accessible.

cloud-native advanced structural analysis
Contact penetration monitoring plots

Get contact monitoring plots during simulation, keeping you in the loop on contact penetration and solution convergence, and giving you confidence and control over your result outputs.

cloud-native advanced structural analysis
Automatic contact stiffness, load ramping

Simplify physical contact problems by easily simulating snap, interference and frictional fittings, computing introduction and holding forces, contact pressure distribution and peak stresses on connected parts.

cloud-native advanced structural analysis
Ogden hyperelastic material model

Push rubber-like and biological materials to high strains with the sophisticated Ogden hyperelastic material model.

cloud-native advanced structural analysis
Hexahedral and prismatic mesh elements

Get higher accuracy and solution efficiency with hexahedral and prismatic mesh elements created using sweep mesh refinements.

cloud-native advanced structural analysis
Nonlinear company material libraries

Save time when creating nonlinear materials, by using company material libraries, that only need to be setup once before being rolled out to your entire organization.

cloud-native advanced structural analysis
Adaptive numerics

Stabilize large deformations and nonlinear interactions with adaptive numerics requiring no user input.

See the new features in action

Sign up, follow a step-by-step tutorial, and launch a structural simulation right away!

structural analysis new features
  • ITW automotive

    “ITW is a world leader in plastic components for the automotive industry and we are successfully using SimScale in order to understand the insertion/holding force of our fasterners and perform vibration and fatigue stress to our brackets and different components. I get good results for quite complicated plastic parts that have a lot of deformation.”

    Massimo Savi

    Project Manager at ITW Automotive

  • withings logo webinar

    “By using the novel mechanical simulation based in the cloud offered by SimScale, we engineers at Withings have been able to reduce our design-to-prototype cycles from weeks to days. This tool widens our possibilities to test new designs, materials, and techniques and anticipate possible failures, as well as gains in mechanical performance within a few clicks.”

    Victor Pimenta

    Mechanical Engineer at Withings

  • anybotics logo

    “With SimScale we found our ideal balance between ease of use, variety of capabilities, and the ability to handle complex physics. However, we came to appreciate SimScale’s customer service as the most welcome benefit of all: their expert involvement allowed even less experienced engineers to run reliable simulation studies.”

    Dr. Alessandro Scafato

    Senior Development Engineer at ANYbotics

  • custom machines logo

    “I loved the fact that I could do what I need to do in a browser. I started working without installing any software. Using any computer I could upload the model and start the analysis. That was the big “wow” moment.”

    Ben Lewis

    President at Custom Machines

How to get it

SimScale’s nonlinear functionality is built directly into static, dynamic, heat transfer, and thermomechanical analysis. All SimScale structural packages come with our complete nonlinear functionality, as we believe everyone should have access to the physics needed for effective product development.