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Hydrokinetic Banki cross flow turbine for rural areas - CFD Simulation

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Hydrokinetic Banki cross flow turbine for rural areas - CFD Simulation image
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Hydrokinetic Banki cross flow turbine for rural areas whit bidirectional diffuser augmented (BDA). Hydrokinetic is a recently introduced type of hydropower energy, having been proven as the most effective and predictable renewable energy source available around the world, especially in the rural and electrification areas. Most of these sites are dependent on small and micro scale stations to produce cheap but abundantly available and effective electrical energy. Hydrokinetic energy that can be harnessed from the flow of water in the irrigation and rainy channels is a promising technology in countries with vast current energy. Micro hydrokinetic energy scheme presents an attractive, environmentally friendly and efficient electric generation in rural, remote and hilly areas, as effort to reduce the everincreasing greenhouse gas emissions and fuel prices in these sites. (1) This simulation is based in the reasearch of A.H. Elbatran et al. and is maded for the simscalecontest2019

cfdmultiphasepumprenewable energyenergywaterturbineflowsimscalecontest2019electricwindgeneration

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