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Project 08. Grinding Machine. The project consists on a grinding machine with two cabins which extract air. The cabins are conected by a little conduit in the middle, and the goal is that each cabin has to extract the air by its side. In this case, we apply Atmospheric pressure on the cabin on the right, and a pressure of atmospheric - 2 mmca on the left, with a margin of +- 1 mmcda. Because of that, we have 3 different cases Case 01 P atm - 2 mmcda (101305 Pa) Case 02 P atm - 2 mmcda + 1 mmcda (101315 Pa) Case 03 P atm - 2 mmcda - 1 mmcda (101295Pa) Fluid: air. Incompressible, newtonian. RANS. The geommetry has been previously made with a CAD program.

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