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How to Optimize Thermal Comfort in an Atrium

About this Free Webinar

When designing an HVAC system, you can face a large number of constraints. It needs to ensure proper thermal comfort for the occupants as well as energy efficiency while meeting different industry standards such as ASHRAE 55. With the advent of CFD simulation, designers can now easily test and optimize their HVAC configurations from the initial design stage. CFD allows engineers to make alterations to existing designs based on simulation results, without the need to build physical prototypes.

In this webinar, based on the example of an atrium, you will learn how the SimScale cloud-based simulation platform enables every engineer in the world to leverage the potential of CFD in architecture and construction by using a standard web browser (no installation or special hardware required).

There is no prior knowledge or software required to join this webinar. All participants can get free access to SimScale with all the required simulation features by creating a Community account on the website. If you can’t attend the live sessions, we would still encourage you to register in order to receive the recording.



How to Optimize Thermal Comfort in an Atrium

5:00 p.m. CET

6th of November, 2018

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