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Specialists in Simulation and Experimental Validation

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Founded in 2010 as spin-off of the Institute of Fluid Dynamics at ETH Zurich, streamwise provides professional expertise in the field of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics thus giving you access to more than 50 years of combined expertise in simulation, experimental validation, and practical engineering.

The engineers are both experimental and numerical experts, keeping up with the latest developments and implementing a hands-on approach that makes a prototype work. The company also provides in-depth analysis of your existing product or process in order to overcome problems’ areas and increase efficiency.

Dealing efficiently with fluid dynamics always requires a well-balanced combination of empirical expertise, experimental know-how, and simulation. Be it for analysis and design, computer simulation, optical sensing or experimental verification you will have an expert working on your solution.

How can you collaborate?

With customers from a multitude of industry verticals and specializing in simulation and experimental validation, our partner can help you with troubleshooting, system layout, modelling and design and fluid- and thermodynamic concepts for product or process development.

streamwise provides:

  • Detailed analysis of requirements, processes, and available data
  • 1D-system modelling based on first principles
  • Simulation concept & implementation
  • Experimental verification concept & implementation
  • Prototype and hardware testing
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