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CFD analysis of fluid flow through a gate valve with SimScale, CFD simulation in the cloud, CFD software virtual prototyping

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From CAD to Simulation Results in 3 Steps


Import your design

SimScale supports the most common 3D CAD files.


Set up your fluid flow analysis

Choose your simulation type, set your conditions, and start simulating!


Post-process results

Analyze your simulation results with SimScale’s integrated online post-processor.

You can investigate and optimize different design versions in parallel, online. Try fluid analysis software in the cloud.

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compressible flow incompressible flow CFD

Incompressible and Compressible Flow

Under certain conditions, compressibility can become a non-negligible factor. Accurately modeling compressibility is important in order to design products better and making them safer. SimScale CFD software allows the simulation of both incompressible and compressible flow in a robust and accurate way, as our validation cases demonstrate. Applications include fluid dynamics simulation of airplanes, car spoilers, mufflers, airfoils, injectors, valves, ducts, and more.

laminar flow turbulent flow analysis

Laminar and Turbulent Flow

SimScale supports computational fluid dynamics modeling of both laminar and turbulent flow regimes. In CFD simulation, in order to solve flow equations, accurate numerical methods, powerful turbulence models, and intensive computing power are required. SimScale flow simulation software offers all in one tool, for both steady and transient states, with multiple turbulence models, including k-omega SST and k-epsilon.

thermal transport thermal analysis

Mass and Thermal Transport

Commonly seen in applications such as water purification, contamination control or analyzing gas or smoke propagation, passive scalar transport allows CFD analysis of matter transport in an incompressible flow. You can simulate mass transport in a fluid flow, applied, for example, in advanced plant simulation. Furthermore, convective and conjugate heat transfer enhance the simulation capability, with a thermal modeling tool for conduction and convection.

Zero hardware or software footprint

With SimScale, investing in expensive high-performance computing hardware and caring for software installation and maintenance are a thing of the past.

low upfront investment

Low upfront investment

Save on thousands of dollars by cutting the cost of expensive hardware and software maintenance fees.

no installation or maintenance

No installation or maintenance

Connect to the Internet and run demanding simulations on any laptop or PC. We take care of software updates for you in the background.

easy setup

Easy setup

With our simple workflow and ready-to-use simulation templates and tutorials, you never have to start from scratch.

Set up a CFD simulation via web in minutes and test SimScale for free. No installation, special hardware or payment data is required.

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