VDI Verein Deutscher Ingenieure

The Largest Engineering Association in Western Europe

About VDI

VDI is the largest engineering, technical, and scientific organization in Western Europe, with over 150,000 registered members in Germany including engineers and natural scientists. Established in 1856 in Germany, the Association represents the interests of its members, by supporting, promoting, and representing them in their work as engineers. VDI members share their knowledge with others for the general good. VDI brings experts together for interdisciplinary dialogues.

Over 12.000 honorary experts volunteer their time to contribute to the accumulated specialist knowledge pool of VDI. VDI promotes young people’s interest in technical careers and helps them make initial contacts with the professional world of engineers. At national and international level, VDI supports interdisciplinary cooperation between the fields of industry, business, society, engineers, and its members.

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