Momentum Analysis

Development and application of latest CFD simulation techniques to provide valuable models of performance



Momentum Analysis is a sole owned and run engineering consultancy providing physics simulation consultancy and services, specializing in CFD, fluid dynamics, and the use of open source tools. They deliver value by applying the latest modelling techniques to solve problems with cutting edge technology, providing the benefits of the latest approaches without any setup overhead. Their competencies extend from advanced turbulence modelling, through coupled fluid-structural and fluid-particle problems, to multiphase and surrogate modelling and optimisation techniques.

One of the company’s key competencies is aerodynamics optimization, applied in any application, from automotive and motorsports to golf clubs, manufacturing processes, inkjet printing, or bobsleigh design.

Momentum Analysis specialization includes:

  • External aerodynamics (compressible and incompressible)
  • Conjugate heat transfer
  • Multiphase flows (compressible and incompressible)
  • Fluid-structure-interaction
  • Transient / steady
  • Simple structural mechanics deformation
  • Code development in OpenFOAM (boundary conditions, some solvers, tools & utilities)
  • Moving mesh

How can you collaborate?

  • Oil and gas separation
  • Droplet ejection and stability modelling
  • Piezoelectric structural models
  • Temperature controlled ink supply systems
  • Drag reduction for track cycling
  • Temperature controlled packaging