'Y-mixing pipe' simulation project by psosnowski2


I created a new simulation project called 'Y-mixing pipe':

example project of 2-phase mixing channel

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The simulation demonstrates interaction of two non-mixing Newtonian fluids in a Y-shaped pipe.

To make things a bit more interesting the Y pipe has only one symmetry plane (along its length), and "legs" have their distinct shape. Inlets are circular and have the same area. The outlet is circular and its area is the sum of inlet areas.

For this demonstration I used two artificial Newtonian fluids entering the pipe with 1 m/s.

Fluid entering "left" leg was the more viscous one, with kinematic viscosity of 10.0e-5 m2/s and density of 3000 kg/m3. The "right" fluid had half the viscosity at 5.0 m2/s and density of 2000 kg/m3.

I run two simulations on two meshes. The first one used a very coarse TET-mesh. it was used to quickly validate the setup and prepare ground for a finer analysis.

I encourage to visualize the first run (S1 R1) in the online viewer.

The second simulation presents 2 sec of mixing time. Extended visualization of the results was done in ParaView and will be posted in the following post.


You can find the post-processed cases here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Jgm5AWTYACBBTBcBQMta8cPIPX4kiHgC?usp=sharing