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X3DOM issue


Hello, I’m new on Sim Scale, and I’m not able to load any Scene. The X3DOM stays loading and loading. Are there some requirement to rum properly simscale on Chrome


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typically it works out of the box, but there might be some WebGL settings in your browser, that keep the 3D viewer from working. We’ve collected a few resources here:

Specifically, you could check if your browser in general supports webgl here: - if not, there is a link how to make your browser support WebGL.

Hope that helps,



Thanks for answer, It seems that support it. But recently my graphical card has burned, and I’m using a older simple graphical card for awhile. Is there some hardware minimum configuration to run X3DOM?


@rezendervp - your graphic card burned :neutral_face:?! For what I know I think also very simple cards should work. My colleague @bdaqui has more background here - Bogdan, is there anything @rezendervp could check? Maybe you cold also post a screenshot of what you are seeing here? That way we could provide a better hint.


@rezendervp - As David said, normally this works out-of-the-box even with slower graphics cards. There are however a few things that could be causing trouble for the viewer. Could you please check the following:

  • On you should be able to see a rotating cube. If you see it, then webGL is enabled and working on your browser.
  • Cache: It could be there is some stale caching causing problems when loading the viewer. To clean it on chrome: Control-shift-delete -> check “Cached images and files” and “Cookies and other site and plugin data”.
  • Some antivirus or firewall software could be preventing the loading (we have seen this once before, albeit with the post-processor tool). Try temporarily pausing it, just to verify.
  • Some other cause: In this case I would kindly ask you to write back the output form the javascript console. To do this, you need to open the console with Control-shift-J then reload the page and try to load the geometry/mesh viewer. A screenshot would indeed also be useful.

Let us know if it helps.


@rezendervp - did the hints help to solve the problem? Can I mark it as solved?


Hello @sgrandhi,

could you tell which Browser you are using and ideally paste the output of your Browser-console here. Otherwise it is extremely hard to understand the issue.

Did you also follow the Link that @dheiny posted. Since 2 weeks we added a more detailed section covering the main problems and details for fixing them in the common browsers.

Best Alex


Hey @sgrandhi,

great to hear that!

Happy simulating!