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Wrong ressults


I’ve made several modification for an assembly like change the hole dimension, changed the plates thickness and the results are wrong.For exemple if you compare simulation for Max load V3 d120 which has the thickness 5mm with Max load V6 witch has the tickness 6mm you can see that the Von_Misses stress for Max load V3 d120 ( 1.806+08 Pa) is smaller than the Von_Misses stress for Max load V6 (3.496+08 Pa).

Could some one help me with this issue?

The link is:

Thank you!

Hi @dicatoiu,

I took a quick look at your model and I found a couple of geometry issues that could be causing your issues.

Fixing these should provide you more comparable results.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Have a good day and a great New Year!



I made the changed and it is ok.

Thank you!