'Wingsuit pilot' simulation project by afischer


I created a new simulation project called 'Wingsuit pilot':

Fun simulation project: Wingsuit pilot external flow, without taking fluid structure interaction into account

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Wingsuit pilot aerodynamics

The aerodynamics of a wingsuit pilot have been simulated. Fluid-structure interaction has been disregarded for the wings of the suit.

  1. Geometry:

  1. Mesh:

  1. Post-Processing and Results:


Wow, excellent!

The last 3 pictures are very spectacular. How did you do them?

Thank you in advance! :)


Hello @jhorv_th,

Thanks for the feedback! I imported the *.stl files of the separate solid parts that are used for the meshing as well into paraview, used the extract surface filter to make the rendering smooth and added colors and shininess.

For the visualization of the simulation results I think I plotted one of the turbulence criteria q or lambda, but I do not really remember. I extracted the relevant area via a IsoVolume filter with min and max value and then used volume rendering basically only to make it look nice.

Best Alex


Hi @afischer,

thanks! I’ll play with it.:wink: