'winglet' simulation project by amirabas


I created a new simulation project called 'winglet':

winglet in wind tunnel

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Hi @amirabas

You seem to be having issues with you simulation. Can you explain a little what you are trying to simulate.
It seems to me you are trying internal flow over 2 cylindrical sections. Is that correct ?

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Hi @Ali_Arafat
actually I think I’ve uploaded wrong model.
In fact i would like to simulate a active turbulence grid. which will be applied in middle of wind tunnel due to convert laminar flow to turbulent flow.
in my case, the wings are rotating randomly by electrical motors.
I just want to masseur turbulence intensity at a certain distance from upstream (700 mm after active turbulence grid ).

I will be grateful if explain for me what should I do and what is the first step.

best regards


Hi @amirabas

I’m not sure I get what you mean by “… in my case, the wings are rotating randomly by electrical motors.”
But, yes you can model internal wind tunnel flow for turbulence generation.

The first step here would be to import the model of the “Grid inside the tunnel” as a solid body (single or multiple solids) in STEP format. make sure to simplify it and remove all unnecessary details e.g the small holes in the green color plates.