'Winglet Design - EURO-AVIA Workshop 2' simulation project by Ali_Arafat


I created a new simulation project called 'Winglet Design - EURO-AVIA Workshop 2':

Aerodynamics of Aircraft winglet design for Euro-Avia workshop

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Winglet Aerodynamics


Hello Ali,

I just joined the community today and saw your projects. They are kind of similar to the projects I want to do. To get started in using OpenFoam or simscale I want to simulate a 2D profil of an airfoil. I#ve already set up a simulation using the SimpleFoam Solver and the KWSST turbulence model. However for high Angles of attack, when the profil is stalling I don’t get good results for the lift coefficients.
Therefore I thought about doing a transient simulation using the PimpleFoam solver. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to run a simulation successfully. It seems like the pressure is the problem, but I couldn’t find out how to fix it.

Do you maybe have a hint or similar simulation using PimpleFoam?!

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,