'Wing design test' simulation project by 1318980


I created a new simulation project called 'Wing design test':

Collecting data on wing for optimise in TS Inspire

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maircraft = 700kg
nmax = +5g (updated with realistic numbers)
gSL = 9.81m/s2
Lrequired = m.n= 3.5Kn

Work required:

  • Mesh
  • Run analysis with AoA = 0:2:20;
  • Make CL vs AoA plot and determine Max CL before stall
  • Use lift formula to determine speed required to generate this lift
  • Validate the prediction using SimScale
  • Use results as parameters for TS Inspire optimise
  • Validate Inspire results using SimScale
  • Attempt to use nTopology to generate a lattice tubular design