'Wind test' simulation project by cfd_user


I created a new simulation project called 'Wind test':

This is a test of SimScale's capabilities to accurately simulate : 1) the atmospheric boundary layer 2) pressure, velocity, TKE, and epsilon solution around grouped orthogonal building forms

More of my public projects can be found here.


Hi @cfd_user - what a great project! What’s your first impression on the results?


Hi @dheiny, currently I’ve only simulated a uniform velocity inlet boundary condition with automatically calculated turbulence quantities - this was largely to familiarise myself with the UI and its capabilities. When I get some time I’ll endeavour to simulate inlet profiles of U,k,epsilon and appropriate wall source/sink values (after Richards and Hoxey). I’m not sure whether the UI will allow me to specify source terms for these variables at a wall but I’ll try and figure it out!

So far I think the concept of SimScale is really great!



Hi @cfd_user,

fantastic - looking forward to see your next simulations! Also make sure that you post a feature request in the “Vote for features” section of this forum in case you’re missing one.