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Where do i find topological entity set?

old one have option of this topological entity set

please help me
thank you,

Hi Rohit!

Here a small instruction on how to achieve that - also works for the mesh!

Let me know if that helped!



HI sir,
finally its work for me thank you very much.:grinning::+1:

i face another problem please solve this issue also.

already post in form but not receive any response so please help me
form link

project link

Thank you,

Hi Rohit!

Awesome! :slight_smile:

You accidentally assigned the airfoil to the whole domain. Simply delete the assignments and only choose the Airfoil for the no-slip boundary condition. The error should then disappear.



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hi sir,
here is step i am follow
select domain of airfoil-naca0012

but there is problem in mesh section when i was select “USE MESH AS DOMAIN” then automatically problem in geometry :point_down:

if you have some time then please open my geometry and set only this section where is problem are happen. when i was select airfoil-NACA0012 and not select “use mesh as domain” then problem occur in bc i cant select surface in symmetry bc. please help me.
thank you

Hi Rohit,

did you click on the “Use Mesh as Domain” button? Usually that should do the job.