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Where can we find information on what the various solution field abbreviations stand for?

In the “Post-Processor” view we can select different items in the “Field” drop down to visualize different data. The items are abbreviated such as “U [point-data]”, “alphat [point-data]”, etc. I’m not a physics or CFD expert so I don’t know the meaning of all these fields. Where can I find more information on what these abbreviations stand for?

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Hi @tryabin,

Here you have a couple of videos about Post-Processing for CFD and CFD analysis, are very good videos for introduction and also this fields are mentioned on them:



CFD WORKSHOP (Turbulence explanation) by @Milad_Mafi

But in general P stands for Pressure of the fluid, U for the velocity of the fluid, k for the turbulence, Omega for turbulence dissipation rate.

Hope this helps you, I encourage you to follow the recorded webinars and workshops from Simscale Youtube Channel so you can get more expertise in CFD (I’m neither a CFD expert but I’m trying to :grinning:)


Thanks, but I was looking for something along the lines of a simple list that defines what all the abbreviations stand for. I’m particularly interested in the more obscure ones such as “alphat” and “mut”.

Hi @tryabin - we should add such information to our documentation. Thanks for bringing this up. In the meantime, SimScale is using OpenFOAM for all CFD solvers, which has extensive documentation here:

and cfd-online is also a great resource. See here for references to “alphat” and “mut” :


Thanks, I agree it would be helpful if all the possible fields were defined in one place.