When are the Filters of a Simulation Run saved?

If I make filters (under Simulation Runs) and then leave the web page, these filters are not saved.
If I open another Run (and look for instance at its filters, but I am not sure if that is consistent behavior), the filters are saved. So what is the way to save filters in a controlled and predictable way?
<I am using FireFox Version 127.0.2 (64-bit) >

Thanks for your help.

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Hi @jjansman,

The filters are not browser dependent and are saved in your particular simulation. Here’s a workflow to save the filters on your run:

  1. Apply the filter of your interest
  2. Click on another tab on the simulation tree (such as a boundary condition, mesh, materials, etc.)
  3. The filter will be saved when you open the solution fields

If you jump step (2), your filter will remain unsaved.

Does that help?


Thanks. I had hoped it would be more automatic, and my own workflow was more or less doing something like you propose. I am in some way glad that I know what I do is at this moment ‘the best’.
Thanks for this confirmation.
All the best.

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