What the problem of this convergence plot of the simulation?

hello every one i want to know what the problem of this simulation?
because the convergence plot seems not very good.
how can i fix it and make the right simulation result?

here is the link of my project.

Hi @jfw!

My first guess would be to increase the domain size to make sure there is increased distance from the boundaries to your geometry. The mesh can also be adapted - although it is seemingly fine it’s coarse but that’s okay if you do a first run. The buildings are just too many.

Also do you need that many buildings - are you running a validation for this case?

Maybe the @cfd_squad has additional tips here!



Hi @jfw: I suggest you set your ‘sides’ and ‘sky’ to ‘transparent’ BC. It is the case when you use Custom BC. Example is below:


Currently your slip BC are kind of reflecting the pressure and causing the huge value of ‘Continuity error’ in your log file. You can make simulation domain much bigger in order to avoid that problem, but I suggest to use that zero gradient BC and observe convergence.