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Welcoming our two new Power Users

As many of you know we kicked off our Power Users Program at the end of January. A new Quarter has begun and I’m happy to welcome two new Power Users to the group.

You can recognize SimScale Power Users by this badge in the forum.

Pablo Fernandez (@pfernandez)

"My name is Pablo, and I am a CFD Engineer at one of the largest proving grounds for the automotive industry in Europe, where we also offer design, engineering, testing and homologation services.

Within the CFD team we carry out projects for several car makers in the areas of external aerodynamics, UHTM, HVAC, and internal combustion engines. This last area is where I am focusing at the moment.

At the moment we use STAR-CCM+ for external aero, UHTM, and HVAC (in combination with Radtherm) and AVL FIRE for internal combustion engines simulations. In the past our team has also used PowerFLOW and Fluent, and are now testing OpenFOAM for some applications. The use of one particular piece of software largely depends on the requirements of the client.

I’ve known SimScale for quite some time now, and its underlying CFD solver, OpenFOAM, since about it was version 1.7, but never devoted the time to really test in depth any of them. That’s a situation I’m currently seeking to amend. So I’m looking forward to contribute to the community.

See you around!"

Tim Kobald (@cbabua)


I am Tim and I live in Saxony. I am currently studying mechanical engineering at a small study academy.

Simscale is the best and only way to learn and work with modern simulation tools for me. I love the possibilities to do so much without expensive hardware or software at home. Furthermore in the last community projects I saw (for the first time in my live) how much work and knowledge is put into some parts. And how long and how many factors are considered…respect for that!

All in all I want to give a great thanks to you for the opprtunity to be here and to learn so much from you.

Thank you very much!