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Hi, my name is Richard Sauter, I’m from NYC, but I’m living in Bali at present. I’m here to find help in predicting the performance characteristics of a rigid side hull, captured air bubble (CAB) catamaran otherwise referred to as an SES (surface effect ship)

The SES 100B was a scaled down 100’, 100 ton prototype of what was intended to be the fastest 3,000 ton 500’ vessel ever built. It proved everything it was supposed to prove and clearly demonstrated the feasibility of it being scaled up to a 3000 tons , however the feasibility of scaling the SES100B down from 100’ to a 60’ surface effect craft that could do 80knts was not investigated.

In short that’s what my project is focused on doing with scale models and computer simulations

My main objective is to determine the waterjet propulsion power required for this 16m SES to reach a top speed of 80knts

I’m here to find someone who is capable of making that determination from CFD analysis. My own experience is limited to scale models and full size prototype wind tunnel testing.



That looks like a very interesting project that you can definitely investigate some of the objectives you mentioned using our platform. I would have a look at 6 DOF simulation projects as this one right here: Wake Development of a Boat. For the propulsion system we can use the so called AMI or MRF approach. For the speed we can use a result and investigate the momentum/torque. We have to make sure though that a transformation into the local coordinates takes place to get the actual torque from the propulsion system. You can open a new section in the Project Support section and either one of the PowerUsers or someone from the SimScale staff will jump in to help you out.

Looking forward to see some first results on this!


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Hi, My name is Sumit Kumar, working in Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India. I have keen interest in the CFD field. I am experienced in ANSYS, COMSOL platforms but new here in SimScale. Hopefully this platform will offer something extra.

hoping to be familiar with this platform soon.

Hello Everyone,
I have been working as an HVAC specialist at Toros Sogutma Cihazları company for one year. I graduated from Yildiz Technical University in January 2019 and I started the Master of Science Program in YTU Mechanical Engineering Heat-Process Division in February 2019.
I study in Romania at one semester with the scope of the Erasmus program and at that time I visited a few Europe country such as Germany, Hungary, Holland, Ukraine etc.
In my thesis, I studied with Ansys CFD program to find the increasing solutions the heat transfer efficiency in the wire-on-tube condenser. In the last year of my university, I worked in the HVAC sector and gained proficiency in mechanical installation design and drawing (Autocad), As-build, a progress payment, and filtration systems.
I still continue to work in the same company as I mentioned before.
In addition, During my university education, I took an active role in the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers and I played football in local clubs, now I am interested in CFD simulation, HVAC Design, Air Filtration system, Mechanical installation. Football, philosophy, and history continue to be my hobby.

Huseyin Cura

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Hi Huseyin and welcome to SimScale! :slight_smile:

Looks that you have quite a lot of experience in the field of HVAC so I am really looking forward to show us something using our platform and maybe help others that are struggling to set up their simulation. Happy to have you on board! :slight_smile:

All the best and enjoy your stay here,


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I’ve been so busy working on small little projects that I never officially introduced myself. My name is Bryce and I come from a background in both Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering. I graduated in 2004 from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and completed a Master of Science in Mechanical engineering in 2009 from Purdue as well. I spent the first twelve years of my career doing computational analysis on aircraft before finding my dream job with the Hendrick Motorsports NASCAR team as an aerodynamics engineer. Looking forward to doing some fun side projects on SimScale and I’m here to answer any questions someone might have.


Hi Sir,

It is great to having you here.

Happy Simscaling!!

Very glad to have you on board Bryce - welcome to our SimScale family :slight_smile: Enjoy your stay here and of course welcome as a new PowerUser!

All the best!


Hi, I’m Victor Gama based in Brussels and Sintra and working in the design of new musical instruments, I’m mainly interested in frequency analysis but also interested in static and CFD. I’ve been using FEA analysis for quite some time but I’m really excited to have found SimScale as it looks like a big jump in workflow and efficiency of simulations. As I am starting I already have some questions and one of which is has to do with choosing boundary conditions.


Hi @vgama and a warm welcome to our SimScale community! AAEAAQAAAAAAAAO1AAAAJGRhNTc1ZWI0LTU0NjAtNDlhYS1iMjQzLWEzZDEyMjcwNGVhNQ

Thanks for being part of our community! To get started please have a look at the following resources:

If you have a specific question about boundary conditions either create a new post in the correct section or use the forum’s search function. Maybe you can find a similar thread that will help you out.

Happy SimScaling!


Hello, this is JR.

What brings me to SimScale is a love of aerodynamics?

I am working on reading everything I can and watching everything I can on race car Aerodynamics and CFD as it has become a passion of mine. I truly love racing of all types but being able to design and use the attributes of aerodynamics in auto racing is incredible!
My expectations from this forum are to have resources to get past technical issues I have run into with the initial training in the past. I really like the software and its ability to use cloud computing. What would you like to learn? I would like to be able to understand CFD modeling better and take advantage of this wonderful software, cloud computing, and wonderful people.

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Hey JR, nice to meet you and a warm welcome from the SimScale staff as well as from my side! :slight_smile:

Well, congratulations - you’re at the right place to start or continue with your CFD voyage :slight_smile:

I would advise you to browser the public projects section as well as the forum a bit to see how everything works, I am happy to help if you need anything. First and foremost I would have a look at the projects from our PowerUsers @yosukegb4 & @pfernandez which you can find here which is exactly what you are looking for:

Happy SimScaling!


Hello, I’m Sandeep Patil working in OpenFOAM since 6 years now, trying to learn available physics in OpenFOAM. I believe I got enough experience to help answer the questions in the forum. I have been working in the projects and product development based on OpenFOAM for quite a long time. Recently I have worked upon cases with Overset/Chimera Grids, Solar Radiations, Fire Modelling and Multiphase with Heat Transfer Modelling to get the best practices.

I hope I will be beneficial to the members for their queries.

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Hi everyone,
my name is Luca, i’m from italy and i’m a mechanical engineer, i would like to learn someting about the CFD simulation for rudder sailboat design, becausa i’ve some experience in CFD field only as far as the simulation of heavy duty compressor is concerned, i hope to learn a lot because sail is one of my great passions! Tho second one is related to the simulation of drones with counter-rotating propellers, and i would like to study them from a technical point of view.
i hope to improve as much as possible my competences,

best regards


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Hello everyone, This is Mohamed Zaid from Melbourne, Australia. I have completed my Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (1st class honours) from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.
Over a 2 years of having expertise in all aspects of fluid mechanics and heat transfer applied to projects through out Australia. I had use Simscale platform in my previous company and had a big applause to Sam and Jon for taught me the basic Simscale setup


Hi all, I am a mechanical engineer from Israel and I am trying out simscale as an alternative to autodesk simulation CFD. So far I really like it.

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Welcome to SimScale Sandeep!

Having 6 years of experience in OF definitely helps - you should consider becoming a PowerUser! :wink: We are very happy to have such a guru on board and hope that you can help our users and interact with the community in general!

Really looking forward to see some great input from you!


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Hi Luca and thanks for your introduction :slight_smile:

Glad you are at the right place to get your CFD journey started! :wink: As you might have already seen, I posted an answer to your question with some guides that can help you along the journey: CFD simulation for a sailboat design - happy to have you on board as well!!


Hi Mohamed!

Thanks a lot for introducing yourself :slight_smile: I am really looking forward to see what you can bring to the community but also can learn from other users but also SimScale to extend your knowledge in the field of CFD but also FEA as well as thermal analysis :slight_smile:

Happy SimScaling!


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