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Welcome Ambassadors!

Hi SimScale @Ambassadors ! Welcome to the private forum section for you guys!

You can share your recent workshops, ideas and plans here and communicate with other ambassadors to exchange ideas, brainstorm with others and even plan workshops together. If you like we can schedule a get together where you meet in a Google Hangout call from time-to-time.

Post your last workshop pictures in a new post and let us know what went good and bad - I am sure your colleagues would be happy to help you out and make some suggestions for future workshops!

Looking forward to a fruitful discussion!



Thanks for the invitation, Jousef.

Hi Ambassadors!
I am working as a SimScale ambassador at Ain Shams University in Egypt. The plan is to take out the workshops in next March. I would be happy if you would like to provide with any experiences or ideas.


A frequent hangout meeting once a month at least will be a good idea where we can share our experiences and issues that we are facing while conducting workshops.


Thanks Jousef,

Hi Ambassadors,

I am from Karachi, Pakistan and I am planning next workshop related to Biomedical Engineering at NED University of Engineering and Technology in coming month.

Kind Regards
Mohammad Fozan


Thanks Jousef,
Hi Ambassadors, I’m Walid Abdelraouf from Egypt. I’m SimScale Ambassador at Alexandria University. The workshops postponed due to the final exams. It would be great to share the suggestions, experience and ideas with you guys.

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