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We'd like your feedback: What SimScale tutorials, training videos, workshops, or other learning materials would you like to have?

Hi everyone,

What tools or resources can we provide that will help you to best learn and use SimScale?

Do you like our workshops and webinars (our past workshops have covered F1 aerodynamics, drones, and 3D printing)! - what other topics are you excited to learn about?

Are there specific aspects or features on the platform that are difficult to use or understand - what tutorials would be most helpful to you?

Share your wish list and we’ll try to make it happen :smile:

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Just a few ideas that came to my mind:

  1. Optimization of a combustion engine (Valve optimization, camshaft optimization etc.)

  2. Basic stuff for beginners in order to understand fluid dynamics a little bit more (flat plate simulation(which I will hopefully start after my examinations), Karman vortex street etc.)

  3. Concerning FEA simulations something like : buckling, Shape optimization, contact simulation, forming, Deep drawing processes or something similar

Feel free to add your ideas. :-]



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A 2-3h intro session for mechanical engineering students without previous experience would be great - more hands-on, less theory focused :smile:

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I was wondering whether u guys could hold a workshop on Ornithopters(Robotic birds), i got a model of my own on which i would like to do some simulation. :slight_smile:

Hi @uzair_m, thanks for the idea :smile: - I’ll tag @Milad_Mafi too since he runs our workshops. We’ll keep you updated

Hi @uzair_m,

did you already start a simulation project around your Ornithopter? If yes, is it public? Would be interested in helping!



Not on Simscale yet, i guess i am not such a pro yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

No need to be a pro - if you start your simulation publicly, other engineers on SimScale might jump in and give you a hand (e.g. me ;)). It’s a great way to learn eng sim. Let me know, when you start working on it.



Hey @uzair_m, as @dheiny has mentioned, we actually have a dedicated category called ‘Collaboration and Community Support’. I am sure if you post your idea there, other community engineers with this common interest will join you! Hope this also helps!

I guess these three aspects which are similiar to the drone workshop could be covered

We might find the impact on the bird casing(body) during the drop test. Since the bird will land on the very body while landing.

Secondly we can check the air flow on the wings or even the body while flying thru flapping.

Thirdly we can see stress on its wings while flapping.


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