'Wave Pattern of a Wigley Hull' simulation project by ddelgado


I created a new simulation project called 'Wave Pattern of a Wigley Hull':

I want to obtain the kelvin wave pattern of a Wigley Hull moving in water at low velocities and compare it with known values

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The Wigley hull is a reference shape in the study of wave patterns and wave resistance. In this project I'll try to reproduce the mentioned wave pattern and, if posible, to compare with avaliable experimental an numerical data for this case.


Hi @ddelgado - what a fantastic project! I’m very interested in such kind of application, so let me know if I can help anyhow!


In fact I'm having problems with the runs, I could'n complete a run due to numerical divergence. I tried to reduce the timestep twice but it still diverge so maybe there any problem with the set-up.

The problem set-up is mainly similar to the project named "Wake development behind a boat", however I have the doubt about the initial pressure conditions and and pressure outlet boundary. I suppose there must be a linear increase in static pressure with deep increase (P = rho·g·h ), in the water domain, but I dont found the way to introduce such conditions nor in the initial condition nor in the boundary.

Maybe anyone with experience in this problems could give me some feedback to overcome this difficulties,