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Water turbine simulation

Hi, how are you?
I would like to simulate this design
Design: water flow inside the pipe for energy recovry (when turbine is rotating)
The velocity of the water approximately 3 m/s
If there are information needed let me know.

Thank you in advance :two_hearts:

Okay, I have just taken a quick look at your geometry model and there are a few issues you have to solve before you can start meshing and simulating.

1- The pipe ends are open: you need to close the ends with a face of some thickness to mesh the inside of the pipe.

For example see this project where the pipe ends are closed :

2- Next, Simplify and close the geometry at the turbine shaft part. see the images for detail.


3- Lastly, try to merge the blades with the shaft, as the small space in between would cause problems later on.

Once you have the New geometry model CFD ready, just upload it to the project and let me know.
I’ll take a look again to see if all is good.


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