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'Water flow analysis around 720 boat' simulation project by dheiny


I created a new simulation project called 'Water flow analysis around 720 boat':

CAD model is done by @quequen, explained in this thread:

More of my public projects can be found here.


Find a discussion on this project over here: Collaborative simulation project? Multiphase flow around a boat hull


Daid, a small leeway angle (as in will show more reliable outcomes from the appendages (keel and rudder).


@quequen - the link does not work, could you check?


David, actually, the geometry that shows a more realistic situation is the one you called “4 degrees vertical”. The hull is horizontal and the leeway is right. Anyway I can’t see where exactly the water-plane is located (related to the hull), in order to check if displacement is close to a real situation. I think some orthogonal views (without perspective) would be helpfull.


Sorry David, now that I look it well, “4 deg vertical” is wrong too: the boat is rotated 4 degrees over vertical axis, but in wrong direction. It should be rotated counterclock wise (seeing from top view).


@quequen - ah I see. I anyways wanted to try out a new CAD system to handle such free form shapes. Will get back soon.