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Warp-by-vector - Post processing results in New Workbench

Hi all,
This is Chandbasha. Since from past few days, I have been facing some problems in Post processing results of Workbench version. This is because In previous version Thre were some facilities like warp by vector, but now I didn’t find them. Even I didn’t find any tutorials saying that how to use the new version of post-processing results.
so some please help me out.


Hi Chand!

Tutorials for the new post-processor can be found here: New Integrated Post-Processing Environment. For your case, can you please let us know on which quantity you want to apply the filter on then I would show it to you in a step-by-step tutorial.



Hi jousef ,
Thanks for sharing the tutorial details. I want generate warp by vector for Displacement. I want to see the geometrical shape before and after load.


Hi Chand,

here an easy example:

\underline{\text{1. Choose displacement as a result field}}

\underline{\text{2. Make displacement the global active field}}

\underline{\text{3. Choose the magnitude}}

Hope this helps.


Hi Jousef,
Thank you very much