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WANTED: Professional Users et al


Hey @Ambassadors!

I am looking for professionals but also educators from your universities that are willing to implement SimScale into their classes - Formula Student teams and people/colleagues that want to write their thesis are very welcome as well!

Bounties per acquired person/team:

  • Professional: 4500 core hours

  • Educator & Formula Student team: 200 core hours

  • Thesis: 100 core hours

If they publish a blog post with us you will get additional 100 core hours :slight_smile: Looking forward to hear from you!

Let’s rock this year together!



Hi Jousef,

Are there any additional number of processors i.e there will be an access to 32 or 64 cores?



Hi Hesham!

You already have access to 32 cores for CFD applications as all ambassadors will receive an Academic Plan. We might negotiate if you get access to 64 once you have forwarded me a professional user.

All the best!