'Wake Development behind a Boat' simulation project by aviolo


I created a new simulation project called 'Wake Development behind a Boat':

This project simulates transient wake formation behind a boat.

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Hello aviolo my name is Sylvanus , I am new to CFD simulation i have just gone through your project iand am interested in it. I have a WIG CAD model i want to use to study the hydrodynamics characteristics Associated to the 6DOF how do I go about it in simscale ? do you have any tutorial you can share to guide me ? currently i have benefited from a lot of the Aerodynamic tutorial available on the Simscale platform as the target of my studies is both Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics.



Hi @seferebo!

We would love to help you there! What I would recommend is to open a new post in the Project Support section in our forum. For the 6-DOF motion, please have a look at our doc: SolidBodyMotion - 6DOF. On top of that we have some projects like this one here: Floating Boat in a Wave Tank

You can use such projects as a template and get familiar with the setup and get used to the module as well as the platform itself.

Hope that I could help! Happy SimScaling!