'vortex' simulation project by obas


I created a new simulation project called 'vortex':


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Hi @obas

Can I help you out with this project. Do you wish to do an Internal flow simulation of this geometry ?

Ali ( Tag me in the reply by using @Ali_Arafat )


Hi @Ali_Arafat
I replaced/corrected the geometry but still cannot mesh the vortex tube geometry for internal flow although tried different schemes. The error message is not pointing the exact problem as far as i understand.

Best regards.


Hi @obas

The error with the meshing is actually due to the geometry. The geometry does Not have any ‘Solids’. It has only faces that are not closed or not stitched to make a solid.

It is recommended that your geometry should be 1 solid (or more ) in STEP format with no free faces. It should then mesh without issues.

Also, make sure the units in your CAD software are Meters as SimScale uses SI units. Im not sure if the current scale is correct, but the geometry dimensions look quite large.

If you still have issues, just let me know.
Ali ( Tag me in the reply by using @Ali_Arafat )


Hi @Ali_Arafat,
At last I can create the mesh with using step file as geometry. In the current situation the simulation stops after a few steps with an error related to disc space whereas I am not sure if this is the real problem. the mesh size does not seem to relate with such a problem.

Thank you.