'Vortex Generator On Truck' simulation project by nvashi


I created a new simulation project called 'Vortex Generator On Truck':

Aerodynamics analysis of Vortex Generator on Truck

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@nvashi - great project - I’m keen on helping. To successfully run a CFD analysis of this, the model needs to be watertight.


Otherwise the mesh is also generated on the inside of the truck, which we don’t want:

The reason is that only the vortex generator devices are solids. The rest of the truck are shells. In which CAD software are you modeling this? Any chance you could export everything as a STEP?



I am using Inventor. I tried exporting everything as a STEP but geometry is still not water tight. Is there any way I can fix this? I have one more question not related to this project though. I am trying to analyze effect of turbulence created by rear tire of F1 car and how bottom louvers of rear wing can help prevent that. However, when trying to set MRF region on tire, I am required to provide rotation center. So is there anyway in simscale i can find center coordinates? You can find that project on my dashboard. Thanks in advance.


Hi @nvashi,

regarding the first topic (Watertightness): Within Inventor, are all parts real solids or are they surfaces? After your upload to SimScale, the vortex generators are proper solids, but all the rest of the parts of the truck are surfaces. There are two ways to make sure that the model is watertight:

  • Make all parts solids within your CAD system. Solids are by definition a closed shell/surface, so this will work
  • Make sure your shells / surfaces are closed. This would mean that you merge (Boolean Union) all of the surface parts to one shell which

I’m not so familiar with Inventor, but there are also dedicated tools in some CAD systems for such operations. Last but not least, you could also create the virtual wind tunnel geometry in your CAD system. So create a large box and subtract the truck from it to get the flow domain. That way you can make sure yourself within the CAD system that the air domain is what you want it to be.

Regarding the MRF zone: No unfortunately, there is no visualization of the rotating center currently within SimScale. The safest way is to determine the coordinates of the center point of your wheel within your CAD system and then enter it into SimScale.

I hope that helps!