Von misses stresses of PLA or Steel as Table

Hi dear friends
I am a beginner level. Anybody know how can I import Qvm as a table in the Simscale.
in advance thank you!

Hi there. could you tell me a bit more about the boundary condition you wish to apply, and where?

I have imported a stent geometry (as was explained in the tutorial lessons) - Please find attached the file

I have fixed it exactly according to the tutorial and now I need Qvm information. In the lessen the Qvm is was inserted as a file.
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Can you also add the links tot he SimScale tutorial as well as your own project Ali?

So what you wish to do is to obtain the Von Mises stress as output, right?

Thank you!

Hey, dears!
I solved the problem but now I would like to know how to make the transform. As far as I know, it would be by the filter but I have no idea!

Hey Ali,

I would like to help you, but I am sorry I don’t understand your questions.

What do you mean by Qvm? What is the ‘transform’ you need to perform?

Thank you for your reply!
I would like to know for example when I simulate a portion of the structure, how can I mirror or transfer it. As an example I saw in your totorial, one portion of a vascular stent was created and simulated, then this part was rotate 360 degree to make the whole stent.
It would be appreciated if you can help me with that issue.
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Hi Ali,

Well, sadly it is not currently possible to mirror or rotate the results in the online post-processor.

If you really need to perform this, my suggestion is to download the results and use Paraview locally.

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